I eloped!


Many years ago, I got into the car on a Saturday morning with the man I loved and we drove until we found a justice of the peace that would marry us and we tied the knot.  His wife Marjorie played the organ and acted as witness.  It was romantic and adventurous.  It suited us.


After working for years as a wedding photographer, I realized that there really are perfect weddings.  But the perfection isn't that every detail has been slaved over and every color has a name three words long. It's the wedding where the bride and groom have nothing on their mind but each other and sharing their joy with dear friends and family.  The wedding that fits the couple and who they are to each other.

I know that for reasons of their own, everyone doesn't want a big wedding  celebration. And there is a lot to be said for small intimate affairs where it's easy to relax with friends and be in the moment without worry.  It brought the idea that less can truly be more. When you are able to focus on the moment all the rest falls away.  What a wonderful place to be on your wedding day.  


Your choices are endless.  But so many couples don't even realize they have options.  Gone are the days of going broke on a traditional wedding. (You don't have to sell your first born or take out a mortgage either.) 


That's why I founded A Piece of Cake Wedding Company — to let you in on this industry secret.  Yes,  you can have the feeling of a traditional wedding without being obligated to invite everyone you've ever known and have an open bar.  


And I'm here to help you make your special day magically effortless.  


I believe in equality and integrity, and I listen carefully to your needs to ensure your experience is as carefree and fun as possible. I have been an active part of over 100 weddings as a photographer/ coordinator and friend and i want to bring that level of behind the scene experience to you with a group of other talented creatives that will make your day.  Literally, make your day!


As the executive assistant of your intimate wedding, I promise to row, row, row my boat the extra mile and make sure your special day is the perfect reflection of your lifestyle — whether that’s as simple as a champagne toast and cake with your best friends or as elaborate as hor d'oeuvres and dancing with your eccentric aunt and her dog.